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 Proudly created by Konzepts Ltd.

Alex Vernon is the owner and creative director of
Tiki Hut Video Productions

We tell stories

...true ones

Telling someone's story, whether  it's about a business, a person or event is not a skill everyone has.

The conception of an original theme, which is translated into a story structure, involving the right characters in the perfect setting and ensuring the right style and tone is applied, might be easier when writing it.

However, Alex has an intuitive ability to tell stories 'through the lens'.

Probably because film making is in his blood. 

His grandfather Richard Vernon wrote, directed and produced some classic films between 1937 and 1953, such as Gaslight.  

His older brother Daniel Vernon is a BAFTA  award winning director!


Watching Jurassic Park as a 10 year old, Alex was so blown away that he decided to become a director as he left the cinema... and he did! 


Alex has over 10 years of experience in the industry and has worked on a wide range of productions, from a BAFTA award winning documentary, to major feature films and high-end promotional and corporate work, to his own, self-funded, feature film.

He set up Tiki Hut Video Productions in 2015 in Brighton to bring his unique skill set to creating short video documentaries, video stories and vignettes.

When Alex is not filming, looking for locations or creating story boards, he loves spending time with his wife Ali and his two young boys George and William. 

When you get in touch with him, why not ask him where his passion for all things 'Tiki' comes from...


I look forward to hearing from you.